Saturday, 22 January 2011

So begins the adventure...

So, having been subjected to immense pressure from various peers (you know who you are!) I have finally given in and am writing the obligatory travel blog to keep you posted on my vida en Buenos Aires. I have a little catching up to do as I am already more than 3 weeks into my trip but here goes.....

All has been going smoothly so far. However it did not bode well at the beginning when I found myself headed to the wrong airport in London. Yes, despite having planned this trip since September I was in the embarrassing situation of being about to board the Heathrow-bound Piccadilly line with my dear pa only to look at the words ‘Gatwick South terminal’ on my printed out ticket. Those of you that know me well will not be in the least surprised I’m sure….

Having successfully boarded the plane to Madrid I felt as though I was already in Spain or Latin America, the air stewardess’ seemingly unable to speak English. So, my meagre Spanish was already put to the test without even setting foot outside the UK. All good practise I suppose, even if I am only stretched to say the word ‘baño?’ enquiringly.

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